TNA Tampere: Model-based Control Architecture

COVID-19 has closed educational institutions and jobs, distance learning has become the new norm.


However, on September 15, 18 and 30, 2020, the University of Tampere team participated in a remote TNA as part of the EUMR project. Due to Covid’s situation, they were unable to travel to our facilities but online solutions were found and experiments took place as originally planned.


The goal of the experiment was to test a series of controllers designed by Tampere team for the Girona500 and to collect data from Mechanical Scanning Imaging Sonar (MSIS) with the aim of including in a near future an obstacle avoidance for their controller.


In the preparation days in the water tank, they were given full access to a computer connected to Girona500 AUV to upload and execute their code. To coordinate the experiments and have visual feedback on what was happening at the water tank, a video call was maintained during all the tests.


Once the experiments were prepared, the UdG team moved to Sant Feliu de Guixols’ harbor to execute them in a more realistic environment. All experimental data was stored and transmitted to the Tampere team for analysis.