New Project: EUROFLEETS2

The main objectives of EUROFLEETS2 are:

  • Promotion of operational coordination and integration of RVs. Modern European RVs are made accessible under EUROFLEETS2
  • Completion of strategic perspectives for the European research fleets with a polar component;
  • Promotion of exchanges of mobile equipment on board European RVs to foster interoperability;
  • Enhancing the impact of research fleets on innovation by fostering the involvement of industry in specific activities, both as end user or as supplier;
  • Development of new training actions including a pilot floating university, and of new technological innovations to be widely used on board European RVs;
  • Taking a new step towards the creation of a long-term sustainable group of European Regional RVs and its insertion into the ESFRI roadmap.

Furthermore, EUROFLEETS2 will undertake specific actions to consolidate research fleets’ organization, methodology and tools through operational initiatives (like virtual fleets) leading to more interoperable and cost effective European research fleets.

We are mainly involved in WorkPackage 12: Innovative technologies For Hydrid and Autonomous Underwater Systems. This work package aims to develop key technologies and innovative functions for underwater systems such as new Hybrid ROVs (HROVs). HROVs are already under development within the consortium between IFREMER and MARUM in another project, in link with the exploitation of the EUROFLEETS1 results (3D HDTV smart camera and smart optical electronics).

Our main tasks are related to the Optical-based 3D mapping and control strategies for AUVs, ROVs and HROVs.
 Two subtasks are being studied and developed in this context.
 The first is related to Optical 3D mapping in strong relief using a mini 3D HDTV Head. The second one is related to the development of real-time bathymetric mapping system using navigation data.