We attended Oceanology International 2022 in London

From the 15th to the 17th of March, our researcher Marc Carreras has been at the Oceanology International (OI22) exhibition.


The event is the meeting point for businesses and academics of marine robotic technology. OI22 is a must-attend event for those involved in exploring, monitoring, developing or protecting the world’s oceans, from seabed to surface and beyond. The last developments are presented in the exhibition. The BITER project will make use of some of them to monitor the seabed habitats, and to demonstrate that AUVs can be an important tool for marine protected area protection.


In the coordinated project BITER, the collaboration among highly multidisciplinary research teams intends to evaluate the usefulness of a network of no-take marine reserves to recover commercially-important demersal fishery stocks and habitats.


The results should allow the establishment of the numerical basis and methods for using marine reserves as a tool for the recovery of fisheries resources and also for the implementation of protocols to monitor the ecological status of a network of deep Marine Reserves.


more information about BITER project