Last May 2022, one of our senior researchers, Josep Forest, spent a month at the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering (FER – Fakultet elektrotehnike i računarstva) at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, in the framework of the DATACROSS project.


During his stay, together with Professor Dr. Tomislav Pribanič and Dr. Tomislav Petkovic, was working side by side on 3D surface registration algorithms (point cloud alignment) and also on calibrating a structured light projection system for underwater 3D vision. As a result of this collaboration, two articles will be published in an international conference (3DV2022) and in a prestigious journal (IEEE Sensors). In addition, at the end of July we will receive the visit from one of the PhD students of Dr. Petkovic, who will be at CIRS for a week to continue the collaboration between the two universities.


“We have left the collaboration open because we work in very similar fields and there is a mutual interest in continuing”, underlines Dr. Josep Forest.