e-URready4OS: Expanded Underwater Robotics Ready for Oil Spill

Project reference: ECHO/SUB/2016/740129/PREP/21
: Universidad Politècnica de Cartagena
Budget: 774.739 €
Duration: 01/01/17 – 31/12/18
UdG Project Coordinator: Dr. Marc Carreras


The challenge is to provide a larger number of trained teams as to be better prepared to deal with an emergency. Underwater robotics is widely used in the military and scientific domains, but not yet by Maritime Safety Agencies (MSAs). Our proposed strategy to accelerate the use of robotics against oil spills is twofold. On one hand, we have expanded the number of different countries trained teams with available vehicles from universities and research centres to increase the capabilities to handle an emergency elsewhere in European Seas. Secondly, we will transfer the know-how of these institutions to MSAs performing training exercises on board of their rescue vessels and giving courses to their technical personnel in charge of this technology in a near future.