Vehículo Inalámbrico Híbrido Operado Autónoma/Remotamente – OPTIHROV (NextGenerationEU)

Project reference: PDC2021-120791-C21
Coordinators: UdG – Universitat de Girona
Budget: 92000  €
Duration: 01/12/2021 -31/08/2024
Project Coordinator: Dr. Pere Ridao, Dr Marc Carreras


OPTIHROV is a proof-of-concept project to demonstrate a telerobotic system, |based on an untethered, OPTIcally-connected Hybrid Autonomous/Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), that aims to replace light intervention Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) operating at close range to networked infrastructures. The system is designed to bridge the gap between current ROVs, tethered to a Docking Station (wirelessly connected to a Shore Control Center via a cabled buoy), and the dream of the future Autonomous Underwater Intervention Vehicle. OPTIHROV is a telerobotic system to perform inspection and light intervention tasks in potentially unknown and unstructured environments. It uses Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) methods that allow the user to guide the robot by launching a set of sensory-motion primitives performed by the robot autonomously.


From a point of view of technological maturity, we can assume a TRL 3 as a starting point, planning two experiments along the project life cycle that will facilitate a technological leap. The first one – “Technological Validation in Laboratory (TRL 4)” – will take place in the CIRS test tank and the second one – “Validation/Demonstration in a relevant environment (TRL 5-6)” – will happen in the harbor (San Feliu, Girona). In both cases, an Internet connection will be used to control/supervise the HROV from the UJI (Castellón), about 400 km away. OPTIHROV will have a double impact: 1) it will constitute an innovative telerobotics system for remote inspection/intervention and 2) it will provide the necessary hardware infrastructure for a future transition to the full I-AUV concept, in a smooth way.